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Our Services

We work with you to develop the right go-to-Asia (GTA) digital business strategy and approach in Asia - see us as your Asia CDO (Chief Digital Officer) and CSMO (Chief Sales & Marketing Officer)

Achieve Your Business Goals with Easy 4 Steps:

Mobile Web Design

Market Entry Insight 

  • Market Dynamic  Research

  • Competitor Analysis

  • Consumer Trending

  • Distribution Opportunity

  • Rules and Regulation

Private Meeting

Business Advisory 

  • Go-to-Market routes and advisory

  • Expert interviews and insights

  • Legal and regulation advisory

  • Government grants and funding support


Partner Connect

  • Research and identify local partners 

  • Localized pitch materials

  • Represent your brands / products / services

  • Connect prospect partners

  • Manage Partnership 

Business Meeting

Go-to-Market Communication

  • Local marketing strategy and planning

  • Manage local marketing campaigns

  • Review marketing performance

  • Enhance markeitng performance with data-driven insight

Digital Business Strategy and Consultation

You may have your marketing agency or an in-house team, yet, you are still puzzled as to why business growth is not up to your expectations. 

Or, you would like to grow your business by expanding to other markets but don't know how to start?

Our experienced consultants and experts with more than 30+ years of experience and an extensive business network in Asia could be your solution. 

For Startups

  • Free 15-minute business model and business plan consultation

  • 1:1 one-hour business coaching 

  • Lean canvas advisory 

  • GTM (Go To Market) Advisory

For SMEs

  • Digital Transformation Advisory

  • Digital and Marketing Performance Enhancement

  • Asia Expansion

  • SG Gov Funding Application

For Enterprises

  • Digital Business Team Training

  • Asia Market Expansion Advisory

  • Business Transformation Advisory

  • Other Customized Projects as request

Government Funding Support

We are PMC (Practical Management Consultant) Certificated Professional Business Consultant. For Singapore-based SMEs, you are required under Enterprise Singapore to engage a PMC Consultant when applying for government funding or grants. Our consultants are well experienced in developing a solid business proposal that is in line with the government's requirement for the funding application.

Cross-border eCommerce

P2C eMall Demo GIF reduced.gif

China cross-border eCommerce

We help brands to sell and promote to China via our WeChat eMall, or setting up their own cross-border eStore


Asia cross-border eCommerce

Selling and Promoting to SEAsia online shoppers with our total solution

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