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Why Us

Enable Digital Business and Digital Transformation for SMB (small and medium business) in Asia

We are a boutique digital management consulting firm, working with many talented, independent senior directors, digital experts, consultants, technology providers, and marketing experts to ensure your digital business starts in Asia with the right first step. We see the needs and challenges of many SMBs and we aim to provide affordable yet quality work to help them establish their first step in Asia smoothly.


Starting from Singapore

Singapore: the business gateway to Asia

Singapore is one of the top countries that offers a stable environment for businesses to start, low corporate tax, and many talents from all over the world. Singapore is also an ideal gateway when expanding your business to other Asian countries - be it to North Asia such as China, Korea, or Japan; or to ASEAN countries. 

Strategically located in Singapore, we are blessed to have rich support from the Singapore government, extensive local business communities, and many talents from Asia and the world. If you are looking for a local partner to start your business in Singapore, we are not just a reliable one, but also a partner that can open doors for your business in Asia. 

Office Meeting

Our Team

We are a consortium with a group of experts and senior consultants

We are a consortium with a group of experts and senior consultants in digital, tech, and consumer businesses, eCommerce, and digital transformation in Asia. Our network of expertise stretches beyond Singapore - we have local expertise in ASEAN countries, China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. Each of them comes with over 20 years of experience launching, growing, or managing a local business with proven track records. Our founder, Peggy Kuo, is a senior digital business and marketing leader in Asia with 20 years of experience in managing digital business, providing digital consultancy and strategy, and enhancing digital marketing performance for MNCs and SMEs. Check out her Linkedin to find out more

Associates and Partners

We are working with many creditable and trustworthy business associations and professional organizations, either as a member or as an affiliate partner. We welcome business partnerships with digital tech, martech, ad tech, and AI-related solution providers to work together. Do feel in the Contact Us and our business representative will get in touch with you.  

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