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Singapore Government Funding & Grants

Depending on your business focus, we advise SMBs on different Singapore government funding supports and grants. We advise projects such as digital transformation, branding and marketing, sustainability, and ESG.

Benefit of EDG Grants

For Singapore-registered companies with at least 30% of the local shareholding, you could consider applying for the Enterprise Development Grant (EDG) by Enterprise Singapore. This is government-provided funding support that can save up to 50% or more of project expenses to Singapore-based SMEs, especially in the areas of business strategy development, digital transformation strategy, branding and marketing, sustainability, or ESG projects. Find out more about the EDG Grant

Our Expertise

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Companies applying for EDG support for consultancy-related costs must engage management consultants with Enterprise Singapore-recognised certifications such as Practicing Management Consultant (PMC). Our business consultants and advisors have obtained internationally recognized consulting credentials verified by the “International Accreditation Forum (IAF)” as the “Practicing Management Consultant (PMC)”, issued by Singapore Business Advisors and Consultants Council (SBACC) and required by Enterprise Singapore to help SMB applying for Singapore government funding. With these internationally recognized standards, we can ensure your projects are delivered with high professional consulting quality, ethical and insightful.


Business Strategy

  • Diagnosis and gap analysis

  • Business strength and weakness identification (SWOT)

  • Develop a strategic roadmap or business framework

  • Recommend plan for business implementation


Branding and Marketing

  • Brand diagnosis and gap analysis 

  • Brand value and commuication assessment

  • Develop a go-to-market branding strategy 

  • Recommend a strategic plan to optimize customer communication

Store Clerk and Customer with Smile

Service Excellence

  • Customer's diagnosis and gap analysis

  • Customer's needs analysis

  • Service innovation recommendation

  • Develop a strategic roadmap or business framework

  • Recommend a customer-centric implementation plan

Green Buildings


  • Diagnosis and gap analysis 

  • Assessment of sustainability risks and opportunities

  • Strategy development

  • Governance framework

  • Setting metrics and targets

Fueling Your Business Success With EDG Funding

Apply below and let our consultants guide you from here

EDG Grant Project Application
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