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What is "MCN" network marketing in China for selling?

“MCN” (Multi-Channel Network) in China increased more than 500 times over the past 3 years, from a simple agency connecting KOLs to media, to now a 360-degree organization that covers end-to-end China social media ecosystem. Below are a few highlights for current China MCN:

1. Top MCNs (annual revenue with over billions in RMB, with 100-300 staffs) domain 60% of total market

2. There is a 3-tiering system for#livestreaminghosts. Top hosts such as#Lijiaqior#viyawould charge at least USD $15K to $18K for one live streaming session during popular eCommerce festivals such as 618.#lijiaqieven charges as high as USD$ 30K from midnight to 2 AM

3. Apart from from#livestreaminghost fees, there is an additional 15% to 30% commission fees for each product sold during the live streaming session, subject to the tier of hosts/hostess.

4. Highest costs by-products are 1) International brands for beauty, cosmetic; 2) China brands for beauty, cosmetic, 3) Food, 4) family and personal care, 5) others

5. Average order per#livestreamingon Taobao, for example, is at 2.12%. Sometimes, mid-tier hosts/hostess could generate more conversion than the top hosts/hostess

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