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5-Step Approach

We adopt a 5-step digital business transformation approach that is end-to-end and agile. Each module is designed to tackle digital challenges within your current business or to unlock digital potential, with cost and time efficiency. Contact Us to find out more about how our approach can help your digital transformation

Scan / Diagnosis

Understand your digital goal, current biz challenges and competitor landscape. Identify the digital gaps and opportunities

digitl business transformation

Analyze / Design

Further identify and develop the digital USP that is best fit to your digital business. Recommend best digital solutions

digita business tansformation

Build / Monitor

Develop the concept and UX of a prototype digital service, be it an eCommerce platform, an app or a CRM system. 

digitl business transformation

Test / Validate

Conduct user testing and QA to further refine the prototype, or the digital business proposition and modeling. 

digital business transformation

Deliver / Manage

Work as your in-house digital project manager with tech or solution partners to continuous improving the digital services. Transfer and train your team.   

digital business transformation

Customer Centric 

Every successful digital business originated from having an in-depth understanding about their target customers. We apply Google STDC (See, Think, Do, Care) framework to unlock the micro-moments of target customers - their purchase desire, decision-making process and influencing factors, and how they interact throughout the digital journey. With the STDC planning, we deliver compelling personas and customer digital journey that is essential to any successful marketing and communication campaigns.  Contact Us for more sample cases we have developed for clients.  


The audience in the See consideration stage is your largest addressable qualified audience for which a one-size-fits-all message applies.


The audience in the Think consideration stage is your largest addressable qualified audience with some commercial intent


The audience in the Do consideration stage is your largest addressable qualified audience with loads of commercial intent


The audience in the Care consideration stage is your largest addressable qualified audience that forms your extra-loyal customers with two or more commercial transactions, your brand fans and those who have made one transaction with a high level of brand interaction

Digital Branding

Having a compelling brand name and brand proposition is critically important in the digital world, especially on social media. Many brand owners mainly focus their marketing on the features or benefits they offer and find themselves later lost in the "Me too" red ocean battle. We take a very different approach. We adopt WHY-HOW-WHAT framework, the Golden Circle chart developed by Simon Sinek . Starting from "WHY", we direct your digital business toward a bigger purpose, engage your team in a common mission, and attract right customers to share your core beliefs. Contact Us to engage us for a better digital branding today. 




WHY: is the purpose, the cause or the belief that drive your organization. Why does your business exist? Why should everyone care?

HOW: is what makes you different or makes you to stand out from the crowd

WHAT: is the products you sell or the services you offer

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