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Valued Clients

We work with clients ranging from multi-national corporations, trade associations to start-up tech companies. No project is too small for us. 

Market Assessment and Competitor Analysis

  • Project Background: Market sizing estimation and local competitor analysis

  • Target Markets: China, SEAsia

  • Industry Category: FMCG, Advertising, Consumer product

The clients, one is the largest FMCG brands in the world, would like to find out the eCommerce market potential in China, the growth trending and their competitors' local marketing efforts. The other client, one of the largest 4-A advertising agency, would like to understand the data-driven marketing and advertising services and market growth potential in SEAsia market. 


Our consulting scopes include in-depth desktop research, summary from industrial reports, data analysis from dominant eCommerce platform providers (i.e. Tmall, Taobao, JingDong),  in-depth analysis of leading marketing and advertising agencies in SEAsia, and interviews with local experts to obtain first-hand local insights.


We further develop a business forecast model based on rich data and information we collected from the researches, cross-verified the authenticity of the sales projection and market growth potential with experts' interview and industrial trending data. In addition, we managed to obtain insights about competitors' eCommerce performance and their local market efforts, as well as a model for competitors' eCommerce team operation based on data and insight collected. 


More than just market assessment and research, our consultants further provide the GTM (go-to-market) entry highlights that help clients to gain valuable insights about starting their business in local markets. 

Customer Insight and Digital Journey 

  • Project Background: a) Target customer understanding and persona development. b) Target customers' digital journey and touch point mapping 

  • Target Markets: China, Hong Kong, SEAsia

  • Industry Category: Finance, Media, FMCG

Our clients would like to target new customer segments that are savvy in digital era -- or, as you would call it, the Millennials. The digital-savvy generation, unlike their parents, are consistent on digital platforms across multiple digital devices throughout a day's life. Their media behaviors become less clear, more fragmented and more versatile. Traditional marketing methodology can no longer decipher the insight of this new digital audiences. Our clients struggle to find out who they are, where they are on, what their media behaviors are, and how to best target or acquire them from digital platforms. 


We conduct in-depth researches that include desktop researches, industrial reports and insights, study group interviews, as well as analysis of marketing data provided by clients to develop a comprehensive digital customers's profiles and their digital media personas. Combining with our consultants' experiences in local digital market and user's behavior, we further develop target customers' digital journey and their media touch points; from there we identify the gaps and opportunities that our clients should focus on or improve in their marketing efforts. The result? our clients are pleased with our quality of works and take our advises to further develop their internal digital strategy for Asia markets. 

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